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Top 4 Best Things to Do in Vang Vieng, Laos

As a small town of Laos, but Vang Vieng also attracts visitors by the stunning simplicity of the countryside mixing with the modern and ancient traits of river, laws, mountains and curved – roof pagodas. Coming to Vang Vieng, you not only enjoy these unique beauties but also have a great chance to experience with enjoyable games. Thus, you shouldn’t miss all things to do in Vang Vieng for an incredible holiday.

#1.Vang Vieng Tubing

Famous for an interesting destination and extreme sports on the river, including kayaking, and bungee jumping (the most extreme sport), especially tubing in Vieng Vieng, which is the simple game but isn’t less exciting for all travelers. Just with a tube, you can start your cruise along the Nam Song River in your way.

things to do in vang vieng

Follow the Nam Song River, you will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool stream and listen to the sound of nature in the stunning sceneries of clouds, sunshine, and mountains. All of them make you strange feelings like losing in the tropical rainforest. However, several noisy bars on the riversides will pull you back to the real world. These bars are considered another interesting site in your way. Thus, if you want to have a short rest, then you just give the signal to the bar owner, and they will pull you to the riverbank. Here there are cool drinks such as beer and snacks on your demand.

Vang Vieng tubing is just a new recreation, but it is gradually becoming the top exciting game in the region, because of the romantic Nam Song’ sceneries surrounding.

#2.Blue Lagoon & Caves

Located about 7 km from Vang Vieng center, Blue Lagoon, which is highly recommeded to visit by any Laos tour operator, is considered an ideal stopover in your journey traveling to Vang Vieng. It is called Blue Lagoon because of its clear blue water all year round allowing you see the water bottom and lovely school of fish.

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You can hire a tuk – tuk to get to Blue Lagoon Poukham, which is considered one of the most mysterious Vang Vieng Caves. However, be careful when you visit the cave in the spring because of humid weather causing slip out of ladder, and don’t forget to take a flashlight to get into the cave where contains several magical Buddha statues.

#3.Water Cave (Tham Nam)

Situated about 18km north of Vang Vieng, Water Cave or Tham Nam is also an interesting place for relaxing and swimming.

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To get inside the cave, you need the help of tube and then slide on in, which make a game full of challenging and amusing.

#4.Homestay Experience

To get an understanding about the life of locals, homestay is a must-do in Vang Vieng. Here you will have a great opportunity to experience and discover their customs, traditions and habits, etc by sharing some interesting stories with the host family or visiting some ancient temples on the mountains. Besides, Lao traditional foods with various spices would be the new experiences for your holiday such as Mekong fish, larb, sticky rice, Lao barbecue and especially a super beverage, Lao beer.

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Indeed Vang Vieng will bring you the most relaxing moments in the peaceful space of the countryside with the simple images of monks seeking alms on the bamboo bridge and traditional women in their featured dress.

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