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Vinh Thuc Island – the Raw Pearl of Quang Ninh Province

Referring to Quang Ninh, most of visitors will think of the famous tourist attractions such as Ha Long Bay or beautiful Co To island. However, not many people have heard of an island with a beautiful, unassuming beauty called Vinh Thuc.

Vinh Thuc is a small island located in the south of Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province. Due to the lack of investment and development of tourism, Vinh Thuc island still retains rustic and pristine features that are not easy to find elsewhere.

Vinh Thuc Island in Quang Ninh

How to get there?

Departing from Hanoi, visitors feel that it is not too difficult to move to Vinh Thuc island because there are many buses to Mong Cai departing from My Dinh and Luong Yen bus stations every day. After reaching Mong Cai, you can rent a boat or canoe to move to the island. Especially, sitting in a canoe, surfing on the sea is a very enjoyable experience that visitors should not ignore.

What to do there – Vinh Thuc Island?

When tourists set foot on the island of Vinh Thuc, the fresh air, peaceful and pristine beauty of the sea and the straight lines of tall trees will certainly make visitors impressed. Visitors can drop your soul into the natural scenery of poetic nature while walking on the shady tree-lined roads, join the fishermen to catch fish or learn about the everyday life of the people on the island. All of them are wonderful experiences that make visitors remember forever this beautiful little island.

In addition, the beaches with clear blue sea, cool and fine gold sand on the island will be great places for travelers to escape from the heat of the summer. The sea here is well-known for its soft waves. Vinh Thuc is also an island with many reefs, rocks lying on the beach. The rocks in these beaches have been blazing for thousands of years. This is also a great place for visitors to save the beautiful pictures of the pristine island of Vinh Thuc.

Conquering Vinh Thuc Lighthouse is also a memorable experience that visitors can not miss on the island. To get to the lighthouse, visitors will go along the path of dreaming with two rows of green trees along the road. The two rows of trees are decorated with colorful flowers that make the scene more brilliant, eye catching. From above, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Vinh Thuc Island.

At dawn or dusk, when the sun is soft, not too dazzling and harsh, Vinh Long Island immerses visitors with sparkling beauty. At this moment, it’s hard for romantic souls to get away from the beauty of the island.

Having visited Vinh Thuc, visitors certainly can not miss to not enjoy the fresh seafood here. You can cook the dishes with your friends and enjoy the seafood right on the beach, around  the flickering campfire to experience fully a trip full of fun.

Where to stay on the Vinh Thuc island?

Because tourism services in Vinh Thuc Island are still underdeveloped, there are no hotels and guest houses. Therefore, to have a place to rest on the island tour, visitors should prepare tents in advance and bring to the island or can ask people on the island or contact the preschool to ask for a place to sleep. The people here are very friendly and hospitable, so visitors do not have to worry too much about not finding a place to rest and eat while staying overnight on the island.

With its wild features, Vinh Thuc Island is like a precious gem which has not been honed. The inhabitants of the island still maintain the calm and peaceful lifestyle, which will certainly leave visitors unforgettable impression. So now, let’s plan to discover the beauty hidden in the raw pearl of Vinh Thuc and experience a brilliant and hard- to – forget summer vacation!

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