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5 Definite Must-Try Experience in Luang Prabang

Glorified as one of the most interesting towns once travelling to Asia, Luang Prabang is the destination with many not-to-be-missed experience. Let’s see which experience in Luang Prabang you should take for your trip.

5 Definite Must-Try Experience in Luang Prabang

1. Visit Vat Xieng Thong Temple

Sittuated at the end of Sakkarin, Vat Xieng Thong is the most important temple in Luang Prabang. The temple was built in 1560 under the reign of King Setthathirat with the main gate looking at the mighty Mekong River. In the main festivals of year, Vat Xieng Thong becomes very astonishing, especially at night because many people come to contemplate the real-golden Buddha statues and join Buddha bathing ritual by perfume. The temple is open from 8.00 am – 17.00 pm for foreigners.

experience in Luang Prabang

2. Swimming at Kuang Si waterfall

Located around 30km to the South of Luang Prabang, Kuang Si is a complex of 3 falls. The main one is 60-meter high with water flowing from above, which create an impressive landscape. As one of the most attractive tourist destination in Laos, Kuang Si waterfall offers a lot of activities: not only discover the jungle but also enjoy bathing in the turquoise water. Among the fresh air around, visitors also can hear the song performed by the bird and mixed in the sound of flowing waterfall, which make an awesome atmosphere.

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● Kuang Si Waterfall Tour

3. Contemplate Sunset at Mount Phousi

As the highest spot in Luang Prabang, Mount Phousi is ideal place to enjoy the panorama of Luang Prabang which is sparkling by the Mekong River and the poetic landscape when the sun is going to bed. To conquer Mount Phousi, travelers have to pass 329 stairs with some break spots en route. Surely, you will be overwhelmed with the sunset form Mount Phousi.

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4. Shopping at Night Market

Opened from 18.00 – 23.00 everyday, Luang Prabang night market lasts from the foot of Mount Phousi to the end of city’s main road and is where you should visit to buy some lovely souvenirs. Many things are available to buy such as vivid brocade, colourful umbrellas and small cute lanterns made from paper.

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Here is also nice place to enjoy the cuisines of Laos (at the culinary area).

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5. Riding Elephant, explore Tad Sea waterfall

Located about 15 km to the North of Luang Prabang, near Nam Kham River, the Elephant Camp is where the famous elephants in Laos are taken care and preserved. Visiting the camp, visitors will have chance to explore around, learn about the life of this animal. Specially, the most interesting is to ride them and go to discover Tad Sae Waterfall, the fairy landscape that you should not miss.

Riding Elephant - An Interesting Experience in Luang Prabang
Riding Elephant – An Interesting Experience in Luang Prabang
experience in Luang Prabang 6
Tad Sae Falls

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