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Mysterious Cajuput Forest in the Floating Village of Tan Lap

The resort of Tan Lap floating village in Moc Hoa District – Long An Province is famous for the immense cajuput forest and the mysterious paths to the forest.

Tan Lap

From Ho Chi Minh City, go further 100 km to the west with around 2 hour drive along the route of N2 Highway then turn right to the Highway of 62, go straight for around 35 km, you will reach the resort of Tan Lap floating village. The entrance fee is around 2 USD. You will get a hat, a bottle of water, cold tissue and transferred to the forest.

Tan Lap 2

After finishing all procedures, you will be taken to the cajuput forest by ferry. After 10 minutes, you will get into the forest.

Tan Lap 3

Upon arrival, you will see a watchtower at 38 meter high. From the watchtower, you could see the panoramic view of the forest.

Tan Lap 4
A winding path among branches.

Tan Lap 5
A vast green area with an area of 135 hectares.

Tan Lap 6
The way to the forest is a path made of cement with the length of 5 km with many turns crossing through the forest.

Tan Lap 7
Lined on the path are towering cajuput trees. Light goes into the path making you a feeling of being lost in the garden in a fairytale.

Tan Lap 8
This is also the place which attracts many photographers as well as couples for wedding photos.

Tan Lap 9
On the way, you can easily see beautiful insects.

Tan Lap 10
The climbing wraps around the trunk.

Tan Lap 11
The flora here is very diverse.

Tan Lap 12
Venturing further, you will see a watchtower with the same height to the first watchtower.

Tan Lap 13
With beautiful scenery and path, fresh atmosphere, this place promises to a great choice to avoid the heat of summer with your friends and family.

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