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Spectacular Dambri Waterfall-the Destination to Get away from the Heat of Backpackers in Sai Gon

Located in the pristine mountain wilderness, the majestic Dambri waterfall will certainly be a great destination for tourists who love nature and want to escape from everyday worries, anxiety or noisy, bustling life in urban areas.

where is Damb’ri Waterfall ?

Dambi waterfall is about 18km from Bao Loc town, crossing the coffee hills, tea hills, and lush orchards … tourists will come to the area of Dambri ecotourism, enjoy the cool fresh air and sink in the majestic beauty of the primary forest in Southern Highlands. Here, visitors will encounter Dambri waterfall – the highest and the most beautiful waterfall in Lam Dong province pouring down from a height of more than 90m, creating an extremely impressive natural picture.

Dambri Waterfall in Da lat

According to legend, in ancient time, a couple of K’ho ethnic who loved each other and often dated and met in this waterfall. However, the girl’s father did not want her daughter to marry a poor guy; therefore, he prevented, separated their love and forced the boy to leave the village to a remote place with no way back. The girl waited and cried a lot, but her lover did not come back. Later, her tears stagnated and flew as a large waterfall. This waterfall was named Dambri by K’ho ethnic people (Dambri means “waiting” in the language of the locals).

In the rainy season, water from upstream flows to this waterfall. The sound of the water is so resonant that people can still hear it from few kilometers away. Surrounding Dambri waterfall is a wild forest with an area of about 300ha. In this forest, there are many rare ancient trees. There are trees which are as big as some people’s arm’s length. Apart from that, the forest is also inhabited by many species of birds and rare animals such as bear, monkeys, polecat, peacocks … Taking a leisurely walk under the canopy of forest trees and hearing the voice of the waterfall mixed with the voice of animals will certainly be an interesting experience that visitors can not forget.

On the road leading to the heart of the resort, there is also a more than 20-meter long bridge which was built from cement crossing the stream, near the top of the falls. From the bridge, visitors can enjoy the sight of billowing water of Dambri falls pouring from the top to the foot of the waterfall. Guests can choose two ways to reach the foot waterfall, take the road or the elevator. However, walking along the mountain road is still the most selected way. The walking paths are concreted, so the movement is relatively easy and convenient. Added to this, walking along this road, tourists can admire the beautiful scenery along the way.

Walking along the trail near the stream to go upstream, visitors will have the opportunity to test their courage and ingenuity when passing the protruding wire bridge to reach the other side. The bridge is twisted from the vines available in the bamboo forest.

Visiting the village of Chau Ma, where is about 200 meters from the resort center, you can attend the vibrant gongs festival and have the opportunity to learn about traditional brocade of the people in the village.

After a tour to explore the vast resort, visitors can stop by the Dambri lake to base or rent a boat floating on the lake covering thousands of square meters and can enjoy fishing on the lake. You can also take the boat to the shore and row slowly to shelter under the shade of ancient trees reaching out to the lake.

If there is a chance to visit Bao Loc – Lam Dong, Dambri waterfall filled with leisure and interesting things will be a place that travelers should not miss. Let’s visit Dambri once so that your soul can be blended with nature, and the majestic waterfall will wash away the troubles; therefore, tourists will definitely feel relaxed and incredibly peaceful.

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