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Chau Doc – The Kingdom of Palm Trees

Referring to Chau Doc, ones usually thought to famous sites such as Ba Chua Xu Temple in Sam Mountain as well as tasty specialties… but Chau Doc is also famous for the land of palm trees

chau doc
To enjoy completely the peaceful sceneries and fresh air in Chau Doc you should get up early at 5h30am so that you can prepare carefully for the trip to Tinh Bien forward to the tourism area of Cam Mountain. On the way, you will have a great opportunity to discover the featured beauty of Chau Doc.
chau doc 2
The sceneries are still hidden in the mist when you travel to Nha Bang town where Khmer group is living.
chau doc 3
When traveling over Nha Bang town, you will continue to see lush green rice fields along with many palm tree rows.
Sometimes you will see several spots with palm tree rows growing densely like jungle. Light sunshine blends in the light fog of the early morning creating the mystical beauty for the area.
Stop at the place where has many palm trees and go further to discover the daily life of locals is a great experience in the trip.
Especially you can know how the local creates sugar from water of these palm trees.
The lush green paddy fields and the stretching palm tree rows.
A picturesque area appears with beautiful contrasting colors.

As the day progresses, you will continue to discover Tra Su indigo forest, a flooded forest Mekong Delta An Giang of Vietnam. In the period from July to the end of November, a flooding season is the best time to visit Tra Su. At that time, the vast forest is covered by the beautiful flowers, namely dien dien or water willow trees bending on the water surface, lots of species of fish and sunlight dancing on the water. You can move by motorbike or bicycle or by boat, all of them are the ideal ways to discover this area.

Tra Su forest is also the ideal habitat of many types of birds.


You should go to the peak of Sam Mountain where you can have a panoramic view of the vast plain.

Visiting Chau Doc, you not only have chance to admire the peaceful scenery but also enjoy tasty cuisines such as beef sausage, which is a famous food here. Grilled beef sausage is served with papaya salad creating special and very delicious smell.


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