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Quan Lan Island: The Unspoiled and Ancient Beauty

Quan Lan Island : Located on Bai Tu Long Bay, the island of Quan Lan, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province is a highlight attracting tourists by romantic scenery with white sand dunes of kilometers long, blue Java plum forests, the beaches which are not influenced  by impact of humans … and the memories of a bustling trading port.

Quan Lan Island

This is one of the beautiful beaches which still retain the pristine, ecological environment which is not polluted. The sand here is ” as white as Snow, as smooth as velvet” and very fresh billow bringing many attractions to tourists who are interested in bathing, exercising and participating in camping, festivals …

Quan Lan beach is 55 km from Ha Long City, and it takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to travel by boat to Quan Lan Island. Currently, Vietnam Tourism Company has invested to build a system of hostels in style of houses on stilts nestled among the green casuarina groves. A red-tiled path welcomes visitors from the main road of the commune to the beach of Quan Lan.

Visitors go to Quan Lan to get immersed with nature with sandy beaches with gentle slopes. The most interesting thing is that the sand here is fine white, is a raw material to be exploited for glass production. Located away from the mainland and surrounded by Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island beach is one of the most favourite destinations in Northern Vietnam of tourists.

Quan Lan Island

In Quan Lan, there are two famous beaches named Son Hao and Minh Chau. Son Hao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Quan Lan island for tourists to have fun in the summer with the wild beauty like there is no human footprints. Son Hao beach with long smooth white beaches, blue water, gentle waves crashing onto the shore, gentle breezes blown from the sea, gentle but not blazing sunshine of summer create a paradise resort for tourist visiting Quan Lan. The afternoons of swimming, playing in the cool blue water or playing the game together on the sand, watching the children playing with relatives and friends give us a comfortable, peaceful, romantic feeling which helps to forget the noise, crowdedness in urban places.

Quan Lan Island

Beach Pearl is a famous beautiful private beach that is just 15 km from Quan Lan. To go to Minh Chau beach, visitors can travel Cam Pha to Tai Xa ferry (near Cua Ong Temple) to Cai Rong town (about 9 km).

Getting attached to nature, few visitors ignore learning about the natural Java plum forest surrounding Minh Chau beach. The total area of the forest is about 14 hectares of running 4-5 km in an arc covering nearly all the dunes. According to experts, this is the largest Java plum forest in Vietnam with more than 90% of pure plants. The old on the island says that the forest is about 300 years old.

Quan Lan Island

From immemorial time, people in Minh Chau have taught their descendants about the awareness to protect the Java plum forest. Although Java plum is a good timber species just after ironwood, kingwood, sindora wood, very few people cut down this kind of tree to build houses or use for other things. Another reason why people in Minh Chau have made an effort to protect Plum java forest is that they understand that if they cut down trees in the forest, the residents community have to pay with their lives. Minh Chau People and the Java plum forest are like a community which can hardly be separated.

Quan Lan Island

Visiting java plum forest, visitors often walk through Lac swamp to Nhang Ria beach and stop at Chuong Nep beach. Nhang Ria bathing beach where the wave is as large as it is in Quan Lan, is an ideal campsite. If staying here longer, visitors can participate in a number of tourist activities such as fishing in O Lon, the region having many marine species such as cuttlefish, squid, fish … and explore caves including Soi Nhu cave, Cai De cave … of Bai Tu Long national Park.

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