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Exploring Thuan An Beach, Hue

Thuan An Beach, located next to Thuan An estuary, 15km from Hue city to the east, is where Huong river flows to Tam Giang lagoon and then to the East Coast. This beach was ranked 10th in the 12 most beautiful scenes in the capital by King Thieu Tri.

The road to Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien-Hue province, is about 30 minutes riding the motorcycle along Highway 49 from the center of the city. Thuan An beach is 12 km long with the cool gentle waves. Visitors often come here from around April to September, when the weather is hottest.

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach Tourist Activities

From Thuan An bridge,a  visitor can see Tam Giang lagoon with a purple rising from the sea. Tam Giang is as immersed in the enchanting colors, the colors of black, red … which is mixed as an ink canvas.

As the motorbike goes through the green casuarina pines of Thuan An beach, Phu Thuan… the cool ocean appears, the chilly breezes blows as they are  fondling the face of each person. The light from the calm rising sun is as gentle as it wants to show off the dazzling beauty with many admiring eyes.

Thuan An Beach

Along with the natural beauty of sea at dawn, the life of local  fishermen makes Thuan An become more lively and also very peaceful.

Visitors can rent a tent, stay in the wilderness right on the beach and unleash drop in the cool sea water. At night, visitors can stroll along the beach, or enjoy the taste of fresh seafood dishes grilled over the charcoal. Sitting around the fire on golden sand, watching people busy with their daily working activities, you can feel a simple beauty of this coastal land and its people.

Beach here with natural and the wild romantic scenery is suitable for those who want to rest, relax and swim after the tours exploring the tombs, temples and scenic in the ancient capital of Hue and more Indochina travel services.

There is a shrine integrated with the legend of Thai Duong goddess who are respected by villagers. Legend has it that, along time ago, a rock suddenly washed ashore of Thuan An. Because of being a block of stone, nobody cared. One night, a fisherman returning from the sea laid down on the rock to sleep because he was tired. That night, he dreamed that a woman appeared and asked him: “Why are you sleeping on my body?” He asked, “Who are you?”, She replied: “I am lady Thai Duong coming from Japan, I drowned because of the storm and washed ashore here.” Sympathizing with her, Thuan An residents built a shrine to worship her. Since then, lady Thai Duong blessed Thuan An people with prosperous life. That year, people had to suffer from a harsh drought, worrying that people may have a poor crop, the King Lady run to sacrifice and ask lady Thai Duong to help. After that, it rained heavily. People didn’t have a poor crop. That year, the king built the temple to worship Lady Thai Duong.

Near the estuary is Tran Hai ancient citadel in the circle with a circumference of 285 meters, surrounded by a moat. On the citadel, there are 99 gun emplacements, Quan Hai observatory and large-scale That Duong temple whose walls and pillars are inlaid with glazed terracotta. On 11th and 12th of Lunar January, Thuan An people hold Cau Ngu (praying for fish) festival in the yard of Thai Duong temple, then processed to Thuan An beach towards Vi Da stone dam. The festival, needless to say, is crowded with local fishermen and overwhelmed with flags and incense smoke. Everyone wants to light an incense stick and ask the god to bless and protect them.

In the late afternoon, the beach is cooler when welcoming breeze blowing off from the sea. It is the time when all the tourists flock to the sea for bathing, walking around in the sand to enjoy the massage on bare feet. Or, you can stop by bamboo stalls along the beach to enjoy the delicious seafood dishes… It can be said that Thuan An would be a great tourist address of Hue.

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