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Bai Trang (Trang Beach),the Check-in Point that Backpackers Should not Ignore

With sheep fields, endless sand dunes, laden vineyards, pristine beaches, Bai Trang (Bãi tràng – Trang Beach) in the land of sun and wind of Ninh Thuan is beautiful enough to fascinate any travelers.

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Dubbed as the “desert of Vietnam“, Ninh Thuan has hot dry and severe climate, but it is quite well known for both passionate and sweet attraction that natural scenery and people bring. The pristine beautiful beaches with  blue water like Ca Na, Vinh Hy, Ninh Chu and Ca Tien …, Trinh Nu (Virgin) sand hill, Bau Trang, Bau Sen, Nam Cuong sand desert are the can not missed destinations of those who love traveling, and discovering something interesting in a new land.

Trang Beach

Especially, with backpackers who prefer a “dusty” trip and absolutely immersing in nature, Trang Beach and the coastal path to conquer this beautiful place are the certain experiences to try. On Trang Beach, you can set camp on the shore of white sand, carry out an outdoor party and enjoy the immense and poetic space of nature and immersed in the excitement with companions.

At night, you will both admire the vast sea with waves overflowing, enjoy the cool sea breeze, and watch the sky littered with twinkling stars. Therefore, Trang Beach is also known as one of the most ideal campsites for backpackers.

Trang Beach

Trang Beach, Phuoc Dinh commune (Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province), about 30 km from Phan Rang City to the south has beaches of fine, as white as cream sand and tranquil, unspoiled picturesque scenery. Someone once said that happiness is not a destination but that is the feeling we have on each part of the journey. This is also true with the journey to conquer Trang Beach, this journey will bring tourists from this surprise to another. Beach Trang – Mui Dinh coastal path is considered the most beautiful road in Vietnam today.

Trang Beach

In order to reach Trang Beach, you can go along the coastal road or highway 1A to Ca Na then turn to Ninh Thuan coastal road. Going through the imposing Dai Bang (Eagle) ridge, through a small desert, crossing the sandy grassland  of burning sun and dry wind, visitors will set foot on Trang Beach. Guests will find unspoiled romantic scene along the coast of South Central appearing in front of your eyes.

Trang Beach is the beach located at the foot of Mui Dinh, where has the lighthouse of the same name. Today, Mui Dinh lighthouse is not only the landmark showing the direction for the ships, the “navigator” of fishermen during the rainy season, but also is regarded as a symbol of the sacred maritime island claims of the country. From here, you can walk through the steep of 1km long (it takes about 15 minutes) to reach the famous lighthouse.

Trang Beach

In 1904, Mui Dinh lighthouse was built from firm granite by the French and is located at an altitude of about 180 meters over sea level on a pretty wild mountain. Although the lighthouse is not spectacular and is only a small lighthouse located between the sea of Ninh Thuan, Mui Dinh retains an important role in the revelation showing the way for the ships, the “eyes” of the night sea.

Standing at the lighthouse, visitors will have opportunities to watch the panoramic scene of Trang Beach and the beautiful natural surroundings from different heights. The most beautiful periods are at sunrise or sunset when the light has the harmony, interlocked among different colors making the majestic mountains, vast blue sea becomes more gentle, more poetic.

It is the quietness, vast and spaciousness that  make visitors quickly be fascinated, immersed in the pristine scenery of  Trang – Mui Dinh. That partly explains why this the place that every backpackers would like to visit and check in at least once in their life.