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3 Days Discovering the Heroic Land of Quang Tri (Part 2)

Day 2: Khe Sanh – Lao Bao Border Gate – Ta Rut Village

7 am: After having breakfast, travelers keep running toward Highway 9 to Khe Sanh in Huong Hoa district and visit the historical monument of Ta Con airport in Khe Sanh outpost complex. There guides introduce to visitors about the victory as well as the periods of the war. Khe Sanh is about 60 km from Dong Ha.


11 am: Visitors leave Khe Sanh for Lao Bao border gate. Here, you can go to the supermarket to buy duty-free goods at cheap prices. If travelers bring passports, you can visit Laos to mark the memory. After going sightseeing and shopping, tourists have a rest and lunch.

1 pm: Continue the journey, tourists visit Lao Bao prison. This is one of the largest prisons in Indochina, where many revolutionaries were imprisoned such as poet To Huu, general Nguyen Chi Thanh …. Currently, this site is recognized as a national monument.

2 pm: Visitors come to Highway 9 to go to Dakrong bridge. Crossing the bridge, driving along Ho Chi Minh road another 60 km, you reach the town of Ta Rut. After conquering a considerable long path with majestic mountain scenery, tourists should visit the community where Pa Co ethnic people live.


At night, tourists can visit houses of ethnic people, chat, drink tea to learn more about the culture, customs and life of the Pa Co.

Hotels in town are quite cheap, around 150,000- 200,000 dong/ night/ room equipped with air conditioning. Rice prices range from 20,000 to 40,000 dong.

Day 3: Citadel of Quang Tri – La Vang Sanctuary – Phuong Lang Cuisine Village

6 am: Visitors should get up early to walk in the town of Ta Rut, enjoy the fresh, cool air.

8 am: After breakfast, you keep returning to Dong Ha City to visit ancient Quang Tri Citadel where the fierce 81 day battle took place.


11 am: Quang Tri ancient citadel is near Bo De School relic, where keeps the evidence of the fierce battles in the past. Almost houses in Quang Tri town were razed it, Bo De school is the only house left after the battle.

12 am: Continue your journey towards La Vang shrine, Hai Lang District. This is an important pilgrimage destination of locals and visitors from other areas.

1 pm: After visiting the shrine of La Vang, tourists continue running about 16 km more to reach Phuong Lang village where is famous for wet cake. Local people eat wet cake with boiled pork, vegetables delicate and tasty sauces. Visitors can go to the diners in Phuong Lang village to enjoy this specialty.


3 pm: After eating and resting, let’s come to My Thuy sea to enjoy the clear blue and unspoiled sea.

6 pm: Return to Dong Ha City, prepare the luggage.

Additional notes:

Ta Rut is not a border commune, but it is the center commune, so it’s better to ask for the local authority for permission before visiting. Remember to bring identification in case of being checked by authorities.

Along the road from Dakrong bridge to the town of Ta Rut, there are only some households selling retail petrol, but people are mainly ethnic, so they speak Kinh language not very well. Travelers should refuel before going to this road or take preventive gasoline.

People in the town of Khe Sanh plant and sell local coffee for visitors to enjoy. It should be noted that people with cardiovascular disease can easily be drunk when drinking this kind of coffee.

Remember to bring a raincoat in case of sudden rains which may delay the trip. Get your Vietnam Tours