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4 Cafes in Saigon with Childhood Style

On the busy days in Saigon, why not escape together to a café with the shadow of childhood with old pretty cute stuff? Recently, new cafes are mushrooming. There are cafes with different style: from Europe to Asia, from modern to vintage style. How about the old Vietnames style? Old …

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Spectacular Dambri Waterfall-the Destination to Get away from the Heat of Backpackers in Sai Gon

Dambri Waterfall in Da lat

Located in the pristine mountain wilderness, the majestic Dambri waterfall will certainly be a great destination for tourists who love nature and want to escape from everyday worries, anxiety or noisy, bustling life in urban areas. where is Damb’ri Waterfall ? Dambi waterfall is about 18km from Bao Loc town, …

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The Ideal Tourist Destinations in the Autumn

 (Part 2) Da Lat For a long time, Dalat dream city has been well known for landmarks such as the Valley of love, Lang Biang Plateau, Cam Ly waterfall, Xuan Huong Lake, … Compared to a Little Paris, Dalat becomes more dreamy and poetic thanks to the chilly air over …

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Chau Doc – The Kingdom of Palm Trees

Referring to Chau Doc, ones usually thought to famous sites such as Ba Chua Xu Temple in Sam Mountain as well as tasty specialties… but Chau Doc is also famous for the land of palm trees As the day progresses, you will continue to discover Tra Su indigo forest, a …

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