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Hoi Van Hot Spring, Binh Dinh

The reason why the stream is called Hoi Van is due to the moisture from the stream rising up, condensing on the bushes forming the clouds. People walking along the stream look like walking on a ladder of clouds, so the stream is called Hoi Van “cloud”. With the hot …

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A Self-Sufficient One-day Trip to Yen Tu

One day trip Yen Tu

Yen Tu Pagoda festival lasts until the end of Lunar March, but tourists can fully explore the landscapes, historical sites and go sightseeing in only a day. Yen Tu Mountain of 1068m above sea level is a part of Dong Trieu Mountain Range in Northeastern Vietnam and is located at the …

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Son La Prison- The Hell on the Earth

Son La prison was built on the hill Khau Ca, near Nam La stream, Son La province by the French. Initially, the Prison had an area of 500m2, in 1940, the French colonial expanded it to 1.700m2. Within 15 years (1930-1945), Son La Prison detained 1,007 communist prisoners, including many …

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The Ideal Tourist Destinations in the Autumn

 (Part 2) Da Lat For a long time, Dalat dream city has been well known for landmarks such as the Valley of love, Lang Biang Plateau, Cam Ly waterfall, Xuan Huong Lake, … Compared to a Little Paris, Dalat becomes more dreamy and poetic thanks to the chilly air over …

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Chiang Mai-An Amazing Place in Northern Thailand

If you are getting bored of visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai is truly the best destination this summer. It is located in Northern Thailand. Here, you will be amazed by cheap expenses, peaceful natural landscapes, delicious food, unique festivals and so on. There are many reasons for people to travel to …

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Vietnamese holidays

In Vietnam, it is undeniable that there is a wide range of meaningful and beautiful holidays that most of the Vietnamese people are strongly proud of and have endless respects to the physical and spiritual values they bring about. Noticeably, the most outstanding Vietnamese holidays are Mid-Autumn festival, Hung Kings Commemoration …

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5 Ideal Destinations for Summer Vacation in the North

The suffocating rhythm of urban life and considerable pressure from work make you tired. Hence, the necessity of this moment is that you should shelve the work aside, enjoy a trip with friends and relatives during the weekend with attractive destinations in northern Vietnam. What are the attractive places in northern that …

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