Friday, August 17, 2018

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About Vietnam Travel

Vietnam is known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world with a lot of the natural and cultural heritage sites where were accepted by UNESCO as the world heritage sites such as Halong Bay the natural heritage sites, the old town of Hoi An, My Son Holy Land, the ancient capital of Hue are the cultural heritages sites...And, to cover all the best tourist attractions and activities throughout Vietnam, you should not take a trip which at least is long around 7 days, but normally to encompass all the main sightseeing of Vietnam, then you should enjoy a trip around 15-20 days.

With the topography is S image and lengthen from the north to the south, it is easy for the tourist to cover full main sites of Vietnam starting from Ho Chi Minh City the largest and most bustling city of Vietnam, then traveling through the central of Vietnam to move to Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, or vice versa. Normally, it is easier and more convenient for you to start from Hanoi the northern region of Vietnam, then head to the center, and finally the southern Vietnam but it is also depended on your return international flights, then it is flexible and fine for you to start your trip from any city of Vietnam.

Although Vietnam is not a large country, it is included full the most interesting tourist things which you must try when traveling Vietnam such as trying the traditional food (Vietnam is still considered as a country where offer the most delicious and special dishes in the world), exploring the most beautiful landscapes and beaches, staying at the most luxury resorts, taking part in the traditional festivals during the year (Vietnam is also considered as one of the countries in the world where organize a lot of the fun and special festivals every year at each city, these festivals are very special and different from other places in the world because it is still kept its traditional habits and customs)....It is very worthwhile and fun for you to take a tour to Vietnam.

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